The Nihility of Life

It isn’t easy to classify the film’s genre. Some even marked it as
science fiction, since it’s based on a hypothesis of the chao theory,
“Butterfly Effect”, as its film title indicates.

The story tells about a chap who tries to dictate his own course of
life. God doesn’t play dice, but he plays it. He has created his own
mysteries, miserably.

The director’s motive is to search for the reasons behind the chaoticity
of life. In his eyes, life, in all its forms, remains a drama of
unending struggle and conflict.

You may also see it as a philosophical exploration about continuity,
determinism and reality. He has explored intrinsic and extrinsic causes
behind consequences, both at the end hanged the audience in the air of

However, it isn’t difficult to follow his arguments. You just have to
sit back and relax. It will lead you to nowhere afterall.

I rate it between good and bad, which depends on what you expect from
it, mystery or science fiction.